There is NO easy way to share this, so here goes….  I QUIT PLEXUS…but hear me out on this one.

I had severed my ambassadorship with Plexus….

I was having an awful experience with the sponsors that I was under when I first joined.  My direct sponsor was terminated for being unethical in her business (trying to cross recruit to another company while still earning her Plexus income). Then I reached out for help to my other uplines, Alyssa and Angel (they were Diamonds and I was not so I figured they could help) only to be told I “had to be doing something wrong” or that I was “a negative person” no matter what questions I asked them.  I needed and begged for help…. there was NONE to be found – I was simply shunned and left on my own. I started to hate my business because I felt so lonely all of the time. My flame died out.

I hate to admit it but I let other’s people’s negativity into my head and my heart and I quit something I loved to do because of it.

When I had been using Plexus, I had forgotten what it felt like to live every day in pain, exhausted and unhappy.  For a while I tried a few other things to try to replace what I had at Plexus (TruVision, Beachbody, Abia Health).  But no matter what else was out there, I started to gain weight back (clearly those products were not the best choice for me), my fatigue was returning, I ended up having a surgery due to an inflammation that caused a diverticulum of the urethra and dealing with plantar fasciitis as well. Then I weighed myself and realized I was back to the same weight I had been at on the very first day of my journey back in May 2013!

I learned during my time away from Plexus that the products were helping me in more ways than I had ever realized.

So, I decided to talk to my friend Rachel.  She has been with Plexus a long time, pretty much since day 1 of the company, but on a different team that I was before. We chatted on Facebook then on the phone for hours about my physical struggles since leaving and the negativity I had experienced before.

After a very uplifting conversation with her, I immediately re-joined Plexus under her leadership as an Ambassador. I ordered the Ease Capsules to help my plantar fasciitis. I ordered the TriPlex Combo, Block and Edge for my weight issues.  I even joined the Plexus 60 Day Trim-Up Contest. I went ALL IN and I am once again a Plexus Ambassador!

The day my stuff arrived I seriously felt like a kid at Christmas (and I may have been stalking my mail carrier waiting for it to get to my door HAHA).

Getting my Plexus Delivery of my Welcome Pack and Products - Slender Suzie - Health and Weight Loss Coach - Plexus Independent Ambassador

I will NEVER quit Plexus again, that I can promise you!!!

My feet are in no pain. My weight is going down crazy fast.  I’m walking normal again, my fatigue is totally gone, my muscles and joints feel rejuvenated. Some days I still ask myself “What the heck was I thinking letting those negative people influence me that way?!?”  and feel sad at how far I would have been in the company had I not walked away when I did.

But you know what? I wouldn’t say my time away was totally useless and here is why: I needed a wake up call. I had become comfortable in how great I was feeling and took it for granted. I needed to learn that I cannot let the attitudes of anyone else effect me and my happiness or get in the way of my goals like I had allowed them to do before. I needed time to grow and mature and learn. I am also thankful to be with Rachel instead of in my prior lineage. She is a perfect fit for me – a strong mentor, a Christian, and she and I even share the common bond of being moms of angels.

I also needed a wake up call when it came to feeling like things were not working because of a few customers saying they were having no luck or bad luck using Plexus products. I realized even though it has done wonders for me personally, Plexus is not a miracle and it won’t work unless you put in some effort too. It may not do the things for others that it does for me. I needed to learn that even if a few customers were unhappy that I can never make people happy 100% of the time when it comes to health and weight loss products. It is a tool to use to help you live a better life – and sometimes people think it’s a quick fix and quit before they really get started, and that’s on them – not a reflection of me or the products.

My body was a MESS a month ago. So for me, even these small improvements I have already experienced since returning to Plexus products, feel life altering. Maybe for my next door neighbor, that improvement is undetectable. I only know how I feel and what it has done for me. I also know that I am where I belong – back to a product line that works best for me and a company I love being part of with a leader who has a good heart.

I’m feeling like my soul is once again on fire!  I am once again so excited about what I am doing and the progress I am making that people can hear it even through my Facebook posts, and when I talk to them on the phone or in person they all tell me that my excitement is so contagious they have to be part of that.

For me – when I am part of Plexus, I am HOME!

And now…  the new chapter in my journey begins: Plexus, Part 2