I keep seeing a flurry of posts about how expensive and difficult this is and I want to offer an alternative thought.

This is easy. Seriously easy if you want it to be. For the first two weeks keep your diet simple. Keep your carbs under 20 and don’t worry about calories! Just eat until you are full and eat simple food.

Forget the fat bombs, keto bread and brownies…

Put way the Pinterest…

Let your body adjust to bacon and eggs at breakfast, to roasted pork and salad with ranch at lunch, to steak or chicken thighs and asparagus or broccoli coated in butter at night.

Drink broth, Powerade zero, add Himalayan salts to water, drink pickle juice – whatever keeps your salts and electrolytes up through the day. Make sure to take your supplements regularly every single day.

If your hungry eat more fat – pickle and cream cheese in a slice of ham, tiny handful of macadamia nuts… and find something to distract yourself.

I promise the weight will drop off. Promise!

Spend that two weeks really devouring (reading) all things keto and once you have adapted and are two weeks in… look closer at macros and then start deciding which path to take (so many keto paths!)

Your budget will be lower because your going to have a simple diet. Your ten pounds gone will be incentive… and you will have the answers to all of your questions from the two weeks of research!

It’s magic!