“Who all cheated today”
“I fell off the wagon”
“I feel so guilty”

I am a member of several groups on Facebook that help people with keto eating (I even run a large keto group of my own) have been hearing/reading comments like this all day from people who didn’t follow their chosen way of eating of low carb or keto on Christmas Day.

Here is my input:

To me it isn’t cheating …. it’s family time and I feel zero percent upset or guilty enjoying our traditions including the foods. My family won’t be around forever and I have no intentions on ever missing out on those irreplaceable moments for a few pounds of weight loss.

Just like food is an addiction – obsessing over Christmas dinner is no better. All I’ve seen for days is obsession over what people can/can’t eat and who is upset after what they did eat. To me all some have done is ruin their own holiday obsessing over this.  What you are doing is really equivalent to people fighting eating disorders.

We lost a child. My grandmother who spent every holiday in her kitchen baking pies and cookies and turkeys and mashed potatoes and stuffing and all the trimmings is gone now to due to her battle with cancer.  So, let me tell you what…. you will never get these memories back and to center your world around what food is or isn’t on the table instead of those who surround you on Christmas or any other holiday or special occasion needs to STOP!

So quit being so obsessive over the holiday meals with your loved ones and just eat the damn carbs!!!