Love Your Gut: Eat Real Food

Love Your Gut: Eat Real Food

The most essential part of loving your gut and getting your digestive health back on track is to eat real food! Try to eliminate processed foods from your diet as much as possible as these burn out the digestive tract and cause bad bacteria to over populate your system.
The easiest way to support your digestion is to eat real, fresh whole foods (preferably organic whenever possible) that are packed full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes without artificial colors, preservatives and unnatural chemicals.
It is also helpful, even if eating right, to add in a really great multivitamin.
Our bodies are not meant to process artificial foods made in a lab that are difficult to digest. We are designed to eat and absorb real food grown from the ground!
Have you had something fresh and nutritious today?
You are not what you eat, you are what you digest

You are not what you eat, you are what you digest

These days most people tend to have problems with digestion and this is for good reason. In general, we eat too many processed foods, don´t move enough (or at all) and are stressed for a good portion of our day. All of this can lead to digestive problems. Digestive problems are the root cause of many diseases and food intolerances.

Having digestive problems is not something you should be ashamed of but rather, something you should take seriously. A change of lifestyle is the most efficient way to get your digestion back on track so you can absorb all the good nutrients of your food to get you feeling your best!

Before you eat, stop and check to see if the food you are about to consume is full of fiber and beneficial nutrients. If it’s not, then chances are it’s going to hinder your health and cause you digestive distress.

It’s time to love your gut again!

I don’t have time….

I don’t have time….

I hear this WAY too much from other ladies when speaking with them….

I don’t have time

This one really bugs me. We all have the same 24 hours. We all have “busy lives”. You make time for what’s important!

I am a wife to a husband to travels for weeks at a time as well helping him run a hunting lodge, mother of a son who is in a lot of activities and a daughter in college, we have two dogs. I cook at our hunting lodge and do all the shopping for the lodge and oversee kitchen and housekeeping staff. At home I prepare meals, do laundry, clean the house, care for the dogs, take out the trash, help with homework, you name it. I learned to coach, do the mom and housewife thing and still manage to take care of myself and build a successful business.

I had to overcome excuses and find time. It’s about making it a priority. It’s about making ME a priority.

I still struggle with depression/anxiety/ptsd symptoms ever since our son Austin died. So yes there are times I just feel like laying in bed all day under the covers. I don’t feel like work or eating right all of the time – but I do it anyway.

After all of my struggles for those few years after our son’s death and some issues in my marriage and losing my grandmother to cancer… well, I had (have) plenty of excuses but those excuses are the same ones that allowed me to pack on the pounds in the first place.

I get up early almost every day and some days that means getting right to being busy. I get in a workout most days – even if it means taking a walk. I meal prep 2x a week when cooking dinner (I just made extra and chopped fruits and veggies and got snacks ready for a few days at a time). I keep a packet of my protein drink in my purse so if we are at a sports practice or game or on the go and I get hungry I can grab that add it to my water and drink up instead of getting junk food. I read personal development each morning while I have my coffee and the house is quiet.

I know that no matter how busy I get I have to do this every single day. For myself. For my family that needs me to be healthy and live a long and happy life. If I keep doing what I had been doing nothing will ever change. So I MAKE THE TIME.

Am I at the ideal weight yet? NOPE! But I work on myself every single day – no excuses. I work on my business every single day – no excuses.

So tell me again, why it is you don’t have time to make yourself a priority?

How I am Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis

How I am Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis

How I am Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis - Slender Suzie - Health and Weight Loss Coach - Plexus Independent Ambassador

Let me tell you what, dealing with foot pain has been nothing short of excruciating.

I developed plantar fasciitis back in July. My husband and I manage the West Camp at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. Our location used to be an elementary school that has since been renovated and made into a hunting lodge. So the floors there are not very forgiving (I am sure teachers and nurses out there can totally relate). I am the head chef at West Camp and so I am on my feet all day long, and when I say all day some days we are talking around 15 hours. I love what I do there cooking and chatting with guests and making new friends but it has been pretty painful on my tootsies.

I have been in agony for months now. I have tried prescription Ibuprofen, icing the bottoms of my feet by freezing water bottles and “rolling” them a few times a day, shoe inserts, compression stockings, special shoes…. my next steps were going to have to be getting shots or possibly even having surgery.

My feet had gotten so bad that one Sunday I wore my black flat sole boots to church by the time the second hour came I was in total agony just sitting through service after walking from the car to small group then an hour later walking from small group to the sanctuary. I would have to pop my prescription just to run to the grocery store store quick. Every day life was painful.

I was about to either need to start getting shots or possibly even need surgery to relieve the pain. Both options I was truly dreading.

I was chatting with my friend Rachel and she suggested a way to help ease up the pain. I figured why not, I have nothing to lose and I sure did not want to get short or surgery!


Well, after just a short time on her suggested routine I went to church and out and about all day and again wore those same favorite black boots with flat soles. NO PAIN at the end of the day!! None. Zero. Zilch. Nada!!! Can you believe it?!?

All I can say is HALLELUJAH I cannot believe I have been 100% pain free for days now!! Now I can concentrate on my clean eating and weight loss journey and live the wife and mom life again without dreading having to walk. I cannot be more grateful for the relief I have gotten (not to mention how relieved I am to avoid painful shots and surgery).

If you have foot pain like I have experiences and would like to know my exact routine and what I am using just let me know and I would be happy to share that with you right away:

Did you gain weight? This might be why…

Did you gain weight? This might be why…

Did You Gain Weight - Here is Why - Slender Suzie Health and Weight Loss Coach - Plexus Independent Ambassador
And then IT happened…
You stepped on the scale and can’t believe your eyes.
Gaining weight is very easy and can be extremely frustrating. Between eating out and being presented with opportunities to indulge multiple times a day at home or the office or just out and about – not to mention a little bit of cappuccino or finishing up your kiddos mac and cheese.
Calories seem to show up from nowhere.
Having well balanced meals throughout the day is key. Sometimes we become slaves of our bad habits. The stuff is just there, and before you know it, you’re staring at the empty bag of cheese puffs (my personal downfall LOL), or the SUV has a mind of its own and turns into the local Mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday.
The best way to deal with this is to be aware and take action.
I’d love to hear from you: what challenges have you faced?
Busy People’s Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go

Busy People’s Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go

Busy People's Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go - Slender Suzie

One of the biggest struggles that most people face today is a hectic schedule.

We’re so busy that it makes eating healthy a real challenge. Quick and convenient foods end up taking the place of healthy, nourishing food when we’re on the go, go, go all the time. These less-than-ideal food choices put us on the hamster wheel of experiencing low energy, weight gain, and potential health problems.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? You don’t have to be a slave to your schedule and resort to fast food or processed foods on a regular basis.

It’s possible to eat healthy foods, even with a jam-packed schedule. It just requires a little bit of pre-planning to ensure success. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and your waistline will thank you too.

When you start fueling your body with healthier choices, you’ll probably also find that you don’t have that 3 PM slump or need that afternoon caffeine boost. (These are a couple of added benefits many of my clients experience, and they’re always pleasantly surprised).

I’ve included a list of healthy snack ideas to get you started, so keep reading.

Eating Healthy When You’re Not Home

There are plenty of circumstances that will take you away from home, and make it more challenging to eat healthy food. Take the time to plan ahead and you can relax knowing that you won’t be derailing your healthy living efforts by consuming empty calories that only make you hungry again a short time later.

Daily Errands and/or Kid’s Activities

Most of us spend several hours in our vehicles every week running errands, stuck in traffic or shuttling kids back and forth between activities. If we don’t plan ahead, it is easy to fall into the trap of swinging through the closest drive through when you (or your family) are hungry.

Don’t wait until the point that you’re starving to make food choices, as this will almost always lead to bad decisions. Instead, plan ahead, so you don’t have to rely on your willpower alone to keep you on track. Pack easy to carry healthy snacks, and keep them in either your purse or your vehicle. This way you always have healthy choices right at your fingertips.

Road Trips

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you should take a total hiatus from your health goals. You can still live a healthy lifestyle on road trips by packing healthy foods to eat in the car. You can pack a cooler to keep handy so you have easy access to snacks while on the road. If you’re planning on stopping at rest areas along the way, pack a nutritious picnic lunch to eat before you head back out on the next leg of your trip.


Even though you can’t pack liquids in your carry-on bag, there are still plenty of options for what you can bring. You can pack wrapped whole food snack bars, nuts, seeds or even pieces of fruit in your personal items bag. With a little creative planning, you can keep your nutrition on track, and save yourself a bundle of money you would have otherwise spent on pricey (and often unhealthy) airport food and snacks.

Foods That Are Easy to Pack

The following items are all easy to prepare, and convenient to take on the go. Feel free to experiment, and find out which snacks best fit your preference and lifestyle. Mix and match options to see what works for you. Be sure to keep any perishable foods in a cooler or use an ice pack.

  • Baby carrots and cucumber slices with hummus
  • Sliced or whole apples with nut butter or sun butter
  • Clementine or mandarin oranges
  • Grapes
  • Sliced or whole pears
  • Smoothie (if you plan to drink it within 30 mins or so)
  • Nuts and raisins (you can make your own trail mix)
  • Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and/or sunflower seeds
  • Whole Food Snack Bars (such as Larabar)
  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • String cheese or cheese cubes
  • High quality beef jerky
  • Cut-up rotisserie chicken (keep cool with an ice pack)
  • Hard boiled eggs

Make the Most of Technology

Almost everyone has a smartphone with them at any given time. You can use this readily available technology to your advantage. Keep your food choices healthy when you’re on the go by utilizing apps that make healthy living easier.

“Healthy Out” is a handy app to keep your nutrition on track when eating out. You can search by tags like meals under 500 calories, paleo, heart healthy, and more. Download the app for iOS or Android to find restaurant meals that fit your needs.

If anyone in your family is gluten intolerant, it may be a challenge to find restaurants that serve gluten-free meals. You can use the app called “Find Me Gluten Free” to help find restaurants with gluten free offerings in your vicinity.

Make Midweek Meals Easy

Just because you have had a busy day doesn’t mean you have to resort to fast food or processed foods for dinner. With a little forethought, you can make sure your family has healthy meals ready to go when you walk in the door.

With the advent of Pinterest, you now have thousands of healthy crockpot meal ideas available for free. Do a quick search and see what recipes may interest you and your family. If you prep everything the night before, or even earlier in the morning, you can come home to a delicious home-cooked meal that is ready to serve.

TIME SAVER TIP: Batch cook and plan for leftovers. When you do have time to cook, simply double the recipe and set the extras aside to use later in the week on a particularly busy day. It takes very little extra effort to double the recipe, and you will reap the benefits of time savings later in the week.

Make Healthy Eating Strategies Work for You

Even with a busy schedule, you can still make sure that you are eating healthy, nutritious meals. By putting in a little bit planning, you can ensure that you and your family enjoy healthy foods that support your lifestyle and your goals.

You can do this! Let me know if I can help.