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Welcome! My name is Sue Hall and I am a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach and the founder of Slender Suzie. I am here to show you how to take back control of your health and elevate your happiness!

I show people how to quickly turn their bodies into fat burners instead of sugar burners by teaching them all that I know. I find myself enthralled with all of my clients who are getting significant results. This passion is the heart of my business.

As a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach, I pride myself on making ketogenic living simple, quick and delicious. I love nothing more than working with people and coaching them to true and lasting success.

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Keto Success Blog

Everything You Need to Know (and nothing you don’t)


Unlike rigid dieting tactics like counting points and containers, there are multiple approaches to ketogenic living. Here you will learn success strategies, tips, information on ways you can be successful on the Ketogenic Diet in a carb filled world!

The Best Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

I am sure you have heard all about Bulletproof Coffee by now. And if not, no worries, I will fill you in. I must admit, when I first heard the idea of what it contained I was not too sure it was going to be right for me. After all, I loved to drink my coffee black and...

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Natural Low Carb Sweetener Conversion Chart

Are you wanting to make some Keto sweet treats? Do you know how to switch that recipe over to a natural low carb sweetener? Well, look no further than this handy dandy natural low carb sweetener conversion chart! Why do you need this chart? Most often I hear people...

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Using Supplements to Maximize your Ketogenic Diet

Do you need to use supplements when following keto? Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you know that the Keto Diet is huge right now (for good reason).  As a result, that most likely explains why you are reading this HAHA! Undeniably, supplements and use of...

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This 60 hour Keto Reboot will assist you to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. By conquering a 60 hour Keto reboot, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.  


Recipes from Sue’s Keto Kitchen

Keto Never Tasted So Good!

I am a former head chef at a five star hunting lodge and true foodie at heart. Hunger is for the birds!  Gone are the days of diets that leave you feeling hungry and eating food that tastes like cardboard.  I believe that food should be fun to make and taste delicious and I will show you how to do exactly that as your stick to your keto eating plan ~ BON APPÉTIT!

Strawberry Shortcake – Keto, Low Carb

This past week was National Strawberries and Cream Day, observed annually on May 21st. So, my son and I decided to try out a recipe for some strawberry shortcake with coconut cream topping.  I do not do berries or fruits too often. However, these were a really great...

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Keto Bacon Wrapped Smokies (Zero Carbs)

Before keto, Bacon Wrapped Smokies were a family favorite and a major hit at the hunting lodge where I was the head chef. Well, this great appetizer has returned to the table thanks to the help of the new Swerve Brown!

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Keto Sweet Tea – A Southern Girl’s Saving Grace

Okay y'all. I may have been born and raised in Pennsylvania, but ever since we moved to the South years ago, sweet tea has been something that is a must have. Southerners love their tea and drink it by the gallon! We even like it in a Mason jar. It reminds me of a...

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